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We are a unique blending of dual core capabilities. Unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing using the most advanced precision metal fabrication techniques. It is the marriage of these two, seemingly unrelated disciplines that sets TMC heads and shoulders above the competition.

TMC has long been acknowledged to be the technical leader in our industry based on our installed base, number of patents, sales, number of engineers and scientists, and product technological superiority. Yet all of our knowledge and experience is of limited practical value if we do not have a mechanism to quickly and efficiently design and manufacture the products required to solve problems with uncompromised quality and specifications. 

At our core, we are manufacturers. We take pride in our ability to design better products at lower cost. It is not always true that more expensive means better. Too often, more expensive means not intelligently designed or manufactured using less than the most modern production machinery and techniques. At TMC, our design team is constantly challenged to simultaneously make a better product while designing for manufacturability and low cost. 

While others pay lip-service to manufacturing while outsourcing much or all of their production, TMC stands apart as a true vertically integrated factory. For the majority of our products, we literally start with sheets of steel and stainless steel and within the confines of our factory, produce complete, finished, state-of-the-art precision floor vibration isolation systems. TMC's factory was designed and built specifically to efficiently make our products. It is a marvel of advanced fabrication equipment ranging from the fastest commercial laser cutters and robotic welders to our proprietary and unique epoxy mixers and CleanTop® cup applicators. 

Unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing. This is what sets TMC apart.