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Manufacturing Capabilities

With approximately 20 engineers and scientists, few organizations can claim to have an understanding of floor vibration comparable to ours. Furthermore, few companies our size can claim to match TMC's in-depth knowledge of metal fabrication techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Yet, it is the combination of these two assets that sets TMC head and shoulders above any other company in our field. 

Many who tour our facility are surprised to see how far we have vertically integrated our factory. For the vast majority of our products, we literally start with 16-ft long sheet steel. In this era of specialization, core capabilities, and sub-contracting, we have maintained our mission as the leading experts in the design and manufacture of precision vibration control systems. 

Laser Cutter –
Our programmable combination 2000-watt laser/turret-punch work centers allow TMC to provide rounded corners and special cutouts for our CleanTop tops and prepare the top skins for subsequent automated drilling and tapping. Apart from CleanTop tops, many of our other standard and custom parts are processed through these centers.

Surface Finishing – One of the many steps in the CleanTop manufacturing process, this machine deburrs the sheet and produces a non-reflective "orbital" finish. The sheet is subsequently cleaned in our TMC-designed industrial washing center. The finished sheet is completely free of cutting oil and debris, even in the threaded holes.

Cupsorter –This machine is among the many unique and novel tools at TMC. Designed and manufactured internally, this device facilitates the rapid placement of the patented CleanTop cups in a precise, repeatable pattern. The device feeds and indexes cups from a syntron-feeder to either a metric or imperial pattern matrix. The grid of 72 cups is then lifted and placed using a special template

Steel Bending –
The profession of sheet-metal mechanic has nearly become a lost-art. Our highly experienced mechanics operate state-of-the-art CNC press-brakes, laser/turret-punch machines, punch presses, folding machines, and other dedicated machinery. Their expertise allows us to provide fully integrated vibration isolation solutions, not simply modules and catalog items.

Robot Welder –
Our welding capacity consists of a team of professional, highly experienced welders. In addition, we now have an Automated Robotic Welding Facility to improve speed, cost, quality and repeatability of regularly manufactured items.

Steel ends–Our System 1 and CleanBench posts demonstrate TMC's innovative design philosophy. When a tubular steel shaped post is required to house an air isolator, most competitive designs start with cut-to-length steel square tube. TMC starts with a flat steel sheet or plate then lasers, punches, bends, and welds to form the part. This approach has four major advantages: Flat steel is much less expensive than tube steel. Flat steel can be laser-cut or sheared to length. Tube steel must be saw-cut which is expensive and imprecise. Tube steel has very poor dimensional and is only nominally square. Formed parts are precise. Any required holes can be punched or laser-cut in the flat prior to bending. This is much less expensive than drilling tube.