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Industry Firsts

TMC's research efforts and manufacturing innovations have established a series of industry "firsts" in product design and manufacturing techniques. 

Examples include:

  • CleanTop® is the first and still the best way to render an optical top spillproof: by epoxying a nylon cup under each tapped hole. All competitive designs attempt the same end, but, sacrifice overall table features.
  • TMC optical tops are the first to register the honeycomb cells to the tapped hole pattern.
  • Our Gimbal Piston® isolators are rugged, dry, oil-free, air isolators that isolate the work surface from both vertical and horizontal vibration with high efficiency at low cost.
  • Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms are a breakthrough in supporting sensitive equipment in a cleanroom, raised-floor environment with rigid, pneumatic, or piezoelectric support.
  • STACIS® III is simply the most advanced vibration isolation system commercially available, employing an active piezoelectric vibration isolation system.
  • TMC's 730 Series Optical Top has combined our inherently clean CleanTop® design with several new proprietary design features, cleaning methods, and a vacuum pump-down procedure to achieve a level of vacuum compatibility previously unattainable.
  • CleanBench™ (patent pending) is the first vibration isolation table to combine the best features of spill-proof steel optical honeycomb tops with high density, high stiffness & damping laminated tops.
  • Everstill™, a patented bench-top active vibration isolation platform for small instruments, incorporates a "serial type" active architecture for superior low frequency performance